Passing 100 Strategy Blogs: Innovation for sustainability is complex but has a global interest.

Today I am writing my 100th blog post on Strategy Blogs. In this blog I want to share some of my expierences about writing 100 blog posts on a non-commercial basis including a picture overwiew of my blogs.

When I started to blog about strategy, innovation and sustainability, I had no experience in blogging. The main idea was to explore the possibilities of blogging about a topic that I find very intriguing, which is: “how to manage innovation for sustainability”? A topic that is relevant for all of us, regardless if we are a manager, an employee, a consumer or an investor. If we want to live and do business in a more sustainable way, we need to find and apply new ideas and new solutions as we are practicing today.

100 part 1

Starting to blog, on a non-commercial basis about new ideas and new solutions, brought me to the most recent articles about my topic of “innovation for sustainability” published in the best scientific journals.  The purpose of my blogs should be to get more awareness about the topic, the article and add a practice based view on it for discussion.

The formula of the blogs is working very well and readers appreciate it, where some of the readers explicitely mentioned the formula as being great. It contributed to the innovation for sustainability debate and it broadened networks. However my readers have also given many suggestions to improve my blogs. Some of the suggestions are:

  • make the blogs more personal
  • blog more about your business practice and experience
  • blog more regular or be more clear about the frequency
  • the blogs are often too complex or too general
  • create a landing page so topics can be organized

The suggestions are very worthwhile and I am greatful to have received so many ideas to improve my blogs. I have been hesitant to apply these suggestions, that would probably make me a more professional blogger and make the blogs more attractive. The reason is that I wanted to keep the blogs non commercial, independent and without unnecessary obligations.

However if I look at where Strategy Blogs is today, with a true global reach with readers in 178 countries (Wikipedia counts 195 countries in the world) and a large number of followers (as shown in the menu), it is perhaps time to reconsider some of my ideas.

100 part 2


What’s next?

Strategy Blogs will stick to its formula where I review scientific articles and add some practice based view to encourage thinking and discussion. I will reconsider all advice that has been given, because it does make sense. Especially because innovation for sustainability is in the hands of more than one group of people. It is in fact in all of our hands, if we are in the role of consumer, producer, employer, employee, investor, civil servant etc. It is worthwhile to discover new ways to be profitable with respect to people and our planet. It is my ambition to contribute with my Strategy Blogs to the topic of innovation for sustainability.

I would like to thank all readers for your support. Feedback is always welcome. For the occasion of the 100th blog post I have added a short quiz of 3 questions. Feel free to take part before 1 september 2018 and a prize winner will be selected among the participants who answered all questions correctly.  QUIZ (

Norbert Bol

Photo by mag3737 on / CC BY-NC-SA

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