Best Strategy Blogs in 2017

Dear readers of Strategy Blogs,

As we are approaching the new year, I would like to share with you the best read blogs in 2017:

  1. Towards true sustainability
  2. The future of innovation
  3. People, Planet, Profit and PLAY!

In summary these blogs aim to say that in our aspiration for a healthy, happy and prosperous life for ourselves and for the next generations, we are on a journey to become more sustainable. To achieve this, we need to innovate to create more positive impact and reduce negative impacts. Most of these innovations can not be done by one individual (company) but it needs collaboration with other people across professions and industries. Gaming can help us to become more sustainable as we need to learn how to use new concepts. Playing games is a great way to learn new behaviour.

Happy new years eve to all of you and wishing you an innovative 2018 in good health.

Norbert Bol

Photo by blondinrikard on / CC BY



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