Working smarter and greener in 2017

Dear readers,

Best wishes for you in the new year 2017! Last year the number of readers of Strategy Blogs increased enourmously to 22,634 followers today. The three blogs that were read most last year, were:

1) Knowledge sharing in project teams is important to go beyond your limitations
2) Are you too busy to improve?
3) The future of sustainability

For me these blogs very much represent the values that I believe in and are also the inspiration for me to keep on blogging. These values and inspiration are about knowledge sharing, innovation and sustainability. If I have to formulate a motto for 2017, it would be “working smarter and greener”. Olaisen & Revang  (2017) give a great insight how collaborative knowledge sharing can lead to more innovation and sustainability.

Olaisen & Revang (2017) show that high quality knowledge sharing can be done in virtual teams. They have found that the professional and social interaction relationships in a virtual team are the sum of the close relationship(1), interpersonal trust(2), the frequency of communication(3) and time spent on interaction (4). There is no real need for offline social platforms to get online platforms to work, to get social relationships and knowledge sharing. This means that people can work more eco-friendly and we can attain the best people fit for the job wherever located.

Norbert Bol


Olaisen, J., & Revang, O. (2017). Working smarter and greener: Collaborative knowledge sharing in virtual global project teams. International Journal of Information Management, 37(1), 1441-1448.

Photo credit: bloeise via / CC BY

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