Innovation through knowledge sharing

Last week I wrote about knowledge sharing in project teams. This week I would like to discuss the importance of knowledge sharing for learning, creativity and innovation.

Although there are many theories of knowledge sharing behavior (Razak et. al, 2016), in my opinion the most important aspect of knowledge sharing is that the right circumstances are created to learn, to co-create or to innovate. These circumstances are not only the responsibility of the persons that are willing to share the knowledge but also of those who are willing to learn. When it comes to co-creation or innovation, it is the result of the interaction between people that are transferring their knowledge and are learning.

Norbert Bol


Razak, N. A., Pangil, F., Zin, M. L. M., Yunus, N. A. M., & Asnawi, N. H. Theories of Knowledge Sharing Behavior in Business Strategy. Procedia Economics and Finance 37 ( 2016 ) 545 – 553.

Photo: Emoves Urban Culture Festival

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