Learning from green innovation failures

Sustainability is increasingly seen as a driver for innovation. Many innovations however fail or did not succeed yet. In a recent article (Wicki, 2015) there is an interesting insight of a failed green innovation and the lessons that can be drawn from this example for those who want to seize business opportunities in the green economy.

In my opinion the lessons are not only applicable for green innovations but also for other types of innovation when it comes to innovation within an existing company. If the (green) innovation is actually leading to a new product that is mainly applicable in new markets, perhaps the innovation should either be stopped early, sold or developed further within a different context than the company is used to. Especially when an innovation is in full diversification with the existing business (new product, new market), there is often the need for more space for development and more distance from the core business including a new business model and a more entrepreneurial management style.

Norbert Bol


Wicki, S. (2015). Diversification through green innovations. uwf UmweltWirtschaftsForum, 1-7.

StrategyBlogs (2015). Sustainability is driving innovation.

Photo credit: gibsonsgolfer / Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

One thought on “Learning from green innovation failures


    At the core of INNOVATION and TRANSFER is the LEGAL ISSUE of ownership and use of green innovation technology for both AEC and the TPPA community from a competitive innovation paradigm.

    Various Green Conferences, Green Build and Construction Seminars, and Competitive Innovation Strategy Conventions have not fully addressed
    the critical LEGAL issues arising from Innovation Tech Transfer & Commercialisation perspective. This is evident at the recent COP-21 in PARIS. One good EXAMPLE is
    intended national determined contribution (INDC) plan.

    Within Private to Public Innovation Co-operation Framework, there is still alot of work to do especially on the LEGAL AND BINDING ISSUE pertaining to INNOVATION TRANSFER AND COMMERCIALISATION IN ASEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY (AEC) and TPPA AGREEMENT.

    Jeong Chun Phuoc
    Adj Prof and Pioneer Advocate in Big Compliance for Intellectual Property for a Better Business World.
    He can be reached at jeongchunphuoc@gmail.com

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