Innovation is built on the desire for success

To create innovations it is probably true that our desire for success should be greater than our fear of failure. At the same time we should have the abilty not be afraid to fail but instead have the ability to learn from our mistakes. Many innovations are the fruitful result of trial and error. Error or failure are part of the process. In organizations that want to be innovative there is a need for a culture where people are not afraid to fail according to Bennett & Parks (2015).  In such a culture failure can be  a way to learn and to be creative, if this failure was the result of putting in the best of knwoledge and effort. In this way it is even allowed to celebrate a failure!

To be successful in innovation the ability to focus is essential. This means that the organization must be supportive in stopping unnecessary trial and error and to kill projects quickly so that good money doesn’t chase bad.

Norbert Bol


Bennett, N., & Parks, J. M. (2015). Struggling to innovate? Examine your structure, systems, and culture. Business Horizons, 58(5), 563-569.

Photo credit: thenext28days / Foter / CC BY

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