Innovation through collaboration

In the September 2015 issue of the Journal of Learning, Culture and Interaction, there is an interesting article (Ness & Riese, 2015) about how multidisciplinary groups can create innovation through collaboration.

The article shows that it is not enough to bring together people with special expertise from different disciplines to develop innovative ideas.  There are conditions that influence collaboration and therefore a successful outcome.

People with special expertise from different disciplines should be open to innovative work. They should also recognize and respect each others expertise and willing to learn from each other by being curious. These conditions are necessary to challenge the different perspectives to find and develop innovative ideas.

Norbert Bol


Ness, I. J., & Riese, H. (2015). Openness, curiosity and respect: Underlying conditions for developing innovative knowledge and ideas between disciplinesLearning, Culture and Social Interaction.

Photo credit: CannedTuna / Foter / CC BY-NC-NDSources of innovation: how context and empathy drive innovation – Steve Baty.

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