8 ways to improve the interoperability of innovation and sustainability

Based on the recent article “Exploring the interoperability of innovation capability and corporate sustainability” in the April 2015 edition of the Journal of Business Research, there are 8 ways to improve the interoperability of innovation and sustainability. There are:

Internal necessities of an organization

  1. Combining ethical research, conservation of raw materials and product safety in R&D activities.
  2. Making a good partnership with suppliers such as fair terms of trade.
  3. Viewing strategic corporate social responsibility as a long-term investment in a company’s future competitiveness.
  4. Motivating leaders and top managers to have passion in the work of integrating business and social needs.

External necessities of an organization

  1. Building academic–industry bridges with many domestic universities to increase the organization’s knowledge sharing.
  2. Motivating international events and encouraging internal groups to join contests to extend technology and innovation capability for talent and organization.
  3. Providing truthful advertising for customers.
  4. Understanding the rule of law including security, protection of property and the legal system.


Lai, W. H., Lin, C. C., & Wang, T. C. (2015). Exploring the interoperability of innovation capability and corporate sustainability. Journal of Business Research, 68(4), 867-871.

Photo credit: BASF – The Chemical Company /Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Norbert Bol

2 thoughts on “8 ways to improve the interoperability of innovation and sustainability

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