Strategy Thinking: Reflections on Strategy Blogs

During the last five months I have published a weekly strategy blog on WordPress. The weekly blogs were all based on recent publications of academic research about strategic management issues such as sustainability, innovation and leadership. The perspective that I have taken in the blogs, was at a higher strategic level as I have positioned these blogs as: additional to my work at Grontmij Capital Consultants and Tias School for Business and Society. Perhaps this perspective can best be described as strategic thinking or strategic philiosophy, combining business and academic thinking. Based on the article Leadership development: A place for storytelling and Greek mythology?, published ahead of print in the international journal Management Learning, the perspective of strategic thinking is that of the Godess Athena.

Taking a more critical look at my perspective of strategic thinking in the blogs, I did not aim for a scientific approach, neither Positivist or Critical Realist. At best my perspective can be interpreted as a non scientific Subjectivist or Constructivist approach with the aim to share and discuss openly on the internet and social media important strategic management issues. The blogs are always short and have the intention to stimulate further thinking and debate.

With currently more than 4000 readers in 55 countries I have exceeded my expectations. Next year I shall continue Strategy Blogs in the same format starting 4 January 2015.

Many thanks for reading my blogs.

Merry Christmas everyone and have a great 2015!

Norbert Bol


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