Leadership in the global information age

Last week we discussed in the Strategy Blog why business leaders should embrace social media. Also the results of the poll that was included in the blog, indicate with 70% that business leaders should have an active personal social media strategy. One of the respondents gave interesting feedback by asking “When does a business leader have an active social media strategy? Does that relate to the frequency or also to the number of social networks?”

As there are currently more than 200 social network sites available, it is for business leaders important to choose what social networks to use, for what purpose and use it wisely. Forbes presented earlier this year 20 Social Media Tips To Rule In 2014, which are useful in finding more answers how to define an active and optimal social media strategy.

What else is important for business leaders in this global information age? In Business Quest, a scientific peer reviewed journal, an interesting article was published last month called: A new kind of CEO for the global information age. The three most important leadership qualities are at the moment: Creativity, Integrity and Global Thinking. The Internet has leveled the playing field considerably and business leaders should create innovative organizations. Business leaders should:

  • Provide a vision
  • Engage and empower employees
  • Creating a learning organization
  • Encourage diversity
  • Be concerned about Corporate Social Responsibility / Triple Bottom Line

Norbert Bol

Image courtesy of Pakorn at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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