Inspiring leadership

The article “Tim Cook’s Philosophy at Apple, in His Own Words” is popular on the newswebsite Mashable. Three beliefs of Tim Cook’s philosophy in particular are inspiring as well as useful examples to the strategy blogs I published the last three weeks about collaboration and sustainability. These three beliefs are:

  • The power of collaboration
  • Inclusion inspires innovation
  • Improve the world, not just the margins

In essence Tim Cook means that people who are working together well, are focused on a great experience and they are not taking functional views only (the power of collaboration). At the same time this can only be the case if everyone is respectful to each other and for that reason the inclusion in the group inspires innovation. Which is not only for the profit, but as human beings it is more inspiring to leave the world better than we found it.

In my opinion it is great when business leaders are clear about their inspiring philosophies and business strategies. The importance was also given in a recent article in the Journal of Sustainability Management, called “The Necessity Of Strategic Leadership In Corporate Sustainability

Norbert Bol

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