Progress on corporate sustainability

This year some interesting scientific articles were published about corporate sustainability strategy.

  • “The Road to Sustainability: Exploring the Process of Corporate Environmental Strategy Over Time” published in the journal Business Strategy and the Environment (abstract).
  • “Sustainability Strategy in Constrained Economic Times” published in the journal Long Range Planning (abstract).
  • “Defining and Measuring Corporate Sustainability: Are We There Yet?” published in the journal Organization & Environment (abstract).

These articles make clear that progress is being made on corporate sustainability strategy from a scientific point of view, a business point of view and a sustainability point of view. The research shows that this progress is driven by the personal values of managers and their views on the environment. Also in more difficult economic times, commitment to sustainability can remain high through innovation and often cost cutting.

An interesting question was raised in “Defining and Measuring Corporate Sustainability”. How can we make more progress in the future and to be more specific who should take the lead: business practitioners or scientists?

Below I have added a poll to ask your opinion about this question. Please be so kind to give your opinion.

Norbert Bol

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